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What is the best answer to “how do you handle criticism?

By Admin

During an interview, you often experience some questions that are difficult to answer. You will be asked questions about your education. You will be asked questions about what you dislike. You will be asked questions about your personality. You will be asked questions that are so easy to answer, but you unable to answers them perfectly. And one of them is “how do you handle criticism? 

Your Answers- 
•    I welcome criticism as an opportunity to learn, and it is also a part of work management. I always try to focus on my work and do worry about the mistakes and handle it cautiously. 

•    I welcome criticism because it leads to better performance and gives a clear insight about your work. I set my mind for both criticism and appreciations. And when received criticism I work hard until I receive appreciation from my team leader. 

•    We often receive Constructive criticism in a company. And that is a good chance to show the patience level. If you are employee, just listen to the query of the client, understand the situation then execute the queries in the right direction carefully. 

•    I love to receive criticism because the most successful people are the ones who take criticism as a challenge and work on it. When you come against hard review about your work, rather focus on criticism try to work on it. Not only in the working environment, but we also have to make our mind stable to handle criticism in our daily life.  

•    When it comes to criticism, we all need to be open about it. If you can’t do that you don’t grow and never become a leader. It is hard to find youth jobs in Canada, this is also criticism, but I am trying hard in every interview, this is how I am taking criticism in positively.