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Youth Jobs Canada is designed specifically for vulnerable youth recruitment in Canada. The Job Portal provides an exclusive opportunity for Canadian employers to hire youth in Canada and simultaneously providing a specialized portal for the youth to look for their desired jobs in Canada. Youth Jobs Canada offers an accurate collection of all the jobs available especially for youth in Canada. All those, waiting to get a hiring call or are tired of hundreds of resultless applications should consider this Job Portal and get hired instantly. As a potential youth employee, our Job Portal allows you to simply search the keywords that best suit your skills and search the available jobs for youth in Canada in seconds. For

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Drywall Installer

Core Drywall Ltd.

Full Time Surrey - BC| British Columbia

Mechanic Helper

ATR Truck Repair Ltd.

Full Time Delta - BC| British Columbia

Tire Repairer

New Millenium Tire Centre Ltd

Full Time Surrey - BC| British Columbia

Tire Repairer

Tilbury Tire Depot Ltd.

Full Time Delta - BC| British Columbia

Human resources officer

GKS Employment Services Inc.

Full Time Surrey - BC| British Columbia

Production Planner

A-Z Foam Ltd

Full Time Delta - BC| British Columbia


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youth jobs in canada

Some Excellent Interview tips for youth jobs Canada

By Admin

One expects the youth to be apprehensive regarding an interview. But there are some ways to be more positive while appearing for an interview for youth jobs Canada.

There are some vital mistakes that one must characteristically avoid while appearing for an interview. It is important to make sure that one goes prepared, and does some preparation before one appears for the interview. This may start with spending time researching more about the company on their website or social media pages. This gives one a brief overview of what a company does, and how they present themselves.

Similarly, one must take a closer look at the job postings. Hence one can consider the skill sets that the employers may be looking for, and come to realize how it is that one fits the bill. Similarly, one can start doing an analysis of the common skill sets that the employer is on a lookout for, and those which the candidate actually possesses.

Then, it is very important to dress up right for an interview. It is best to avoid casual wear, jeans, and sports shoes. By being formally dressed, one conveys the right sort of impression. You may choose to wear a tie if you desire.

It is then important to be sure about where is it that you have to go for the interview. If you are not well acquainted with the place, check the map or Google maps. This makes it easier to reach in time and find the way. It is always better to make a provision of 30-45 minutes for traffic and get started early to avoid being late.

One must also not chew gum while giving an interview. It does not promote a professional image. One must try and appear confident at all times. It is then important that one must be very polite to the interviewer and everyone that one comes across. This starts with shaking hands and thanking them for having you before you get started. Try and avoid criticizing your previous employer. Mention all past issues in a very polite way, and discuss about your learning experiences. Avoid looking at the phone, as it makes one appear bored.

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youth jobs in canada

5 Questions you should not ask in an interview

By Admin

At the end of an interview, every employee ask- Do you have any question? In this case, the right questions will work to your advantage. But, if you ask any wrong question during a job interview, that can make a bad impression on the interview, even you can decrease your recruiting chances. If you are planning for your youth jobs in Canada, keep in mind that don’t ask the below-mentioned questions are never appropriate to ask your interviewer because it can directly reflect your knowledge and maturity. For example “asking about someone’s children is usually just making conversation, but not an appropriate in an interview setting. 

Here is the list of 5 questions you should never ask in an interview:

1 Can I do this job from home?
If you are interviewing for youth jobs in Canada, avoid this question. Because the job description says everything. If you ask this question it will reflect that you dislike working with others on the same roof. 

2 What does your company do?
It is one of the biggest inappropriate questions that candidates often ask in an interview. If you ask this question, it shows that you couldn’t have researched about the company. So, avoid this question because it directly demonstrates that you are interested in a company as well as a job profile. 

3 What is the salary for this position? 
Don’t ask this question in your first interview round. Only share your expectations about salary when HR asks you “what is your expectation regarding CTC?”. Try to avoid this question until you get a position. 

4 How long would I wait to get promoted?
Everyone needs an appraisal. But, this question reflects that you are interested in a job. Instead of this, you can ask “how much growth I can expect while working in this company?.

5 What type of health insurance does this company give?
Only ask this question when you get an offer letter. Never ask about the benefits because it shows that you are more interested in benefits not work. Once you get an offer letter to bring it up with human resources rather than an interviewer.
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youth jobs in canada

Importance of getting the work-life balance right for youth jobs Canada

By Admin

Candidates on a lookout for youth jobs Canada occasionally find it difficult to adjust within a company’s work environment after getting hired. This frequently is the case after finding their first job. 

A fresh employee may feel that his mindset is slightly different from what he must have as a professional. Meeting work expectations hence becomes overwhelming at times.

A number of employers encourage their staff to get their work-life balance right. This keeps employees healthier, happier and in the best position to put their best foot forward.

For ensuring that an employee’s work-life balance is right, the employers are involved to a certain degree as well. Still, if you ever come to realize that work responsibilities are taking a toll over your being, it is best to interact with the HR personnel. 

They can do something about it and figure out the tasks that you find difficult. Or they could organize the work better through the calendar and suggest measures that could help change things for better.

Ideally, an employee must be highly motivated to do his quota of work nicely within the assigned timelines. But in the event you feel that you have been assigned too many responsibilities to be completed in a finite time phase, you may choose to express your viewpoint. Why not come up with an alternative plan that helps you finish your work easily each day, without making things uncomfortable for you.

Then, in the work environment, it is best if employees are found working dedicatedly. If the timelines for assignments are a matter of concern, one must not be seen spending the day chatting with co-workers. 

Work-life balance characteristically refers to life beyond work. But in the event of emergencies, it is best to discuss the matters with employers. These are human aspects that the employers too will understand and respond to in a positive manner. 

Work stress is best left behind in the workplace. This allows an individual to live life to the fullest. 
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youth jobs in canada

Furnishing the right kinds of references for youth jobs Canada

By Admin

For most of the job interviews for youth jobs Canada, an interviewee is likely to come to know that the interviewer would want him to furnish a list of references. The purpose of the references is to confirm the details provided by you concerning your work experience. 

Similarly, interaction with your references delivers additional insights over your work habits and way of working. Correspondingly, it is best if you prepare your references accordingly for any job opening that you apply for.

You may ask someone to be your reference. In many cases, this may be your past or current supervisor or boss. A reference chosen by you may alternately be more specific. So you may choose to request a specific individual to be your reference when applying for a specific position.

Your references may offer to write a reference letter. But they may receive a call from the employers who are planning to interview you. So it is best to furnish the name, designation and contact details of the references that you provide to the employers. 

If you come to realize that potential professional references are lagging in numbers, you may choose to provide some personal references. In such cases, the best options to go ahead with are the people with whom you may have worked or volunteered for in the past. Alternately, a counselor or someone like your former co-worker may meet the bill as well.

It is best not to list your friends or parents as your professional reference. A potential employer would be on a lookout for an individual who is in a position to provide a professional and unbiased opinion of you.

If there are people whom you mention as a reference for all your interviews, you could tell them personally about when they may expect a call. Odds of them being able to attend the calls are then much higher. This boosts the odds of an interviewee getting hired.
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